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We are Jesus centered. We believe in the centrality of the gospel, the good news of Jesus, and his sacrificial death on the cross for all sinners. We believe in sharing this good news and calling people to faith in Christ.

We are scripture based. We believe the bible is the written Word of God and is basis for everything we believe and do.

We are Spirit empowered. We welcome the presence and the power of the Holy spirit. We invite the Spirit’s work through all the gifts the Bible speaks of, including miracles, prophecy, and physical healing.

We are culturally diverse. We believe the church on earth is to be an expression of the Kingdom of God in heaven (Revelation 7:9) – people from every nation, tribe, people, and language reconciled and united in Christ.

We are socially engaged. We believe we are called to be engaged in the world around us as “salt and light,” expressing the love of God through good works.

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